The Circuit

To maintain the precise position most conducive to learning, our circuit ensures that teachers and caretakers are aware of students’ discomfort immediately. Generally placed on either the thoracic and/or lumbar spine but also effective at other key positioning points, the circuit is off as long as the proper part of the student’s back is in contact with his chair. If the student starts to slip and his back loses contact with his chair, our circuit will light up indicating to caretakers that adjustment is necessary. With a quick glance, caretakers can rest assured that their students are comfortable and can focus on a wider variety of tasks, including teaching multiple students at once. Most importantly, students unable to verbally communicate will not have to withstand discomfort for periods of time longer than seconds, creating a great increase in ease and dignity.


Feeding Tube Pocket

For many kids with disabilities, feeding is an arduous process. Feeding tubes can be located on either side of the abdomen and connect to the stomach. Our pocket add-on incorporates a feeding contraption into a classic sweatshirt pocket not only adding to the style of the shirt but also the ease of feeding. Rather than being sewn down on the bottom, the pocket is secured by Velcro. When lifted, the pocket reveals a wide but short opening allowing users to access feeding tubes regardless of orientation and without exposing the child in the process.


Shirt Protector

Our shirt protectors were start of our process and remain pivotal. To replace bibs or rags, our durable snap-on shirt protectors that keeps kids dry for hours at a time without sacrificing fashion and dignity. They have an absorbent flannel layer on top that fits into the clean and simple style of our shirt, and a breathable water-resistant layer underneath. To use, caretakers cross the elastic straps in the back and secure the snaps for a flexible fit. When saturated, caretakers need only to undo the shirt protector and machine wash it before another use.