Fabricating The Future

Dress Down the Dressing Process


It all started when…

Our team visited the Sunshine Home, a residential home located within our county. From our experience speaking to teachers and observing classes we recognized a gap in the market for these elementary to high school age kids who, like us, benefit greatly from appearing put-together. Students are dressed horizontally, mostly in t-shirts and sweatpants, and wear childlike or itchy shirt protectors or rags to protect their clothing from saliva. We want to create clothing designed specifically for this form of dressing that avoids stress points like the shoulders and neck. In addition, our new shirt protectors fit seamlessly in with the shirt and avoid irritation while absorbing fluid and keeping clothes try.

Positioning became an important part of our product from the beginning. Students sit ways deliberately determined by physical therapists that are key to maintain because most students lack control over their own movements. To maximize comfort as well as efficacy of learning for the students, we use the access that our clothing provides to the students’ bodies to monitor positioning.


What we do

Our products are designed for and with people who cannot dress themselves. By rethinking and redesigning the dressing process and the clothing involved, we plan to increase comfort for the dressees and provide ease for dressers. With our more accessible methodologies, the parties involved in dressing will both be more dignified than before.

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